Today is National Backwards Day. It has me thinking about how many companies pick their IT consultant completely backwards. Even more backwards why you keep your IT consultant. Let’s break it down a bit.

How you select your IT consultant, or any consultant for that matter.

1.       The internet
2.       Direct advertising
3.       Cold call – walk-in or on the phone
4.       Part of a trusted network or professional organization that you belong too
5.       Word of mouth/recommendation

Once you have found them then the process of interviewing, meeting with staff, trying to figure out if they are in fact a good fit for you and your organization. You look at their character, experience, problem solving skills, communication skills and even their interpersonal skills.  Let’s face it there is a lot riding on the decision. You trust someone or organization outside of your company to do what is right by you and by industry standards.

Now you have made your choice and you move forward with your shiny new consultant. They hit the ground running. They are responsive to your calls. They fix your problems, sometimes before they are even problems. They are just what you have been looking for…..or oops you made the wrong decision. They over promised and under delivered. They make mistakes every time they touch your computers, your data, your network. Back to square one. And so the cycle continues.

In a perfect world, the first choice is your best choice. The consultant does exactly what you expect and even goes the extra mile. They take your calls after hours, as they know that your work is as important in the evening and weekend as it is during “normal” business hours.  You grow with them […]