Keep your company’s software up-to-date, secure and running at peak performance.

Monitoring your system’s hardware and software and conducting patch management is considered an essential network administrator task. It consists of scanning machines on the network for missing patches and deploying those patches as soon as they become available. Failure to do so makes a network doubly vulnerable – and it’s now publicized, making it more likely to be exploited by malicious users, hackers and virus writers.

We educate your business where the vulnerable browsers, applications and operating systems are so you don’t unwittingly invite problems.

  • Keep software up-to-date
  • Patching for Microsoft, 3rd party applications and non-security updates
  • Scheduled updates to suit you and your users
  • Regular maintenance

Patch management systems ease burdens while maximizing security (how’s that for a win-win?).  Call us to learn more about how we plan and implement these important systems.