Technology makes your life easier (really).

Networking refers to a system of computer hard-and-soft-ware that facilitates communications between people, computers, and varied technology devices.

As network administrators, we design, install, and maintain computer hardware and software that comprise a computer network. Network software controls the functions of the network hardware. Network software manages the routing of electronic messages and it controls the authentication and access authorizations of people and hardware who attempt to share in the data and messages that traverse the computer network.

And we haven’t even mentioned security ….

The experienced professionals at Hilltop Technology Consulting are well-versed in wired and wireless networking technologies, network security, and troubleshooting techniques necessary to keep them all running seamlessly.  We have extensive experience in Microsoft and Apple system administration. We provide you with our expert advice and recommendations for all your technology needs.

Computer networks are affordable ways to connect several machines in the same home or office for file and print sharing, Internet connectivity and server access. Once set up, you’ll see how business-environment friendly and powerful networks really are.

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