Yes, it is true and likely, (for good reason) that Ex-spouse Day and International Laughter Day are the same day. Let’s think about how we can apply these days to technology……ok… might have had some thoughts (and so did I).

I am relating to these days as, “Ex-IT Company” and how that affects your business. We are regularly asked to come in and audit some other IT consultant’s work. We are asked to replace and take over for someone that is not doing a great job. We believe that regular yearly audits are a great thing. This can be done with your current IT consultant, a second consultant or an altogether new consultant. It is a fast and rapidly changing world of technology and staying on top of all aspects can be a bit much. There are several things to keep in mind when having these discussions:

  1.  Every consultant does things a bit differently
  2. Just because it is different does not mean I needs to be changed or upgraded
  3. Asking for more information from your IT consultant or staff can be a great way to uncover a weakness in the system
  4. Always, always, ALWAYS think about how changes to your IT hardware and/or software will affect the overall ability to be more productive.

We feel it is a good idea to have a conversation with the leadership group yearly about where the business is and where it intends to go in the next 1, 5 and even 10 years. In order to make the best decision regarding IT purchasing it is a great idea to involve your IT consultant in the conversation.

Ok, so now that you have the audit, what do we do? Audits are likely going to come back with several recommendations about what needs to be changed, upgraded or replaced. Having a list of priorities where money spent, is the most effective will ultimately save $$$. Again, ask more questions to your IT auditor as the conversations should make things clearer and provide confidence in both the recommendations and your decision to go forth with the new solutions. Having updated documentation of the company’s IT provides management the ability to make informed decisions. This can be highly sensitive including passwords and needs to be provided securely.

What about the ex-spouse/consultant? This happens. Relationships change. Often times this can be the best thing for both of you. Companies outgrow each other. A fresh set of eyes and minds on a project can yield great outcomes. Having updated documentation allows for a smooth transition. I can say first-hand that we have wasted hours of our clients’ time trying to gain access to hardware or software because we did not have the proper usernames and passwords. Getting in contact of someone that no longer supports your business and expecting that they will respond in a timely manner, sadly, does not always happen. In keeping with our theme today, ex-spouses and international laughter, that does not produce a lot of laughter…..more anger when you waste both time and money for a simple request….I think you get the idea.

Give us a call! Send us and email! We can talk about audits, ex’s, laughter, or any technology for that matter. As strange as the last statement is, we always think about what is best for our clients.

Have a fantastic Tech Tuesday!