Today a new spam/phishing method caught my eye. This looks something like “Notice: Your background information was just ordered by someone #105930”. This is the latest attempt in getting your valuable information and logins. I have now seen a couple of these messages in my Junk Mail. This is a great start for those of you who use Microsoft Outlook as it is doing just as it should in moving the message to a suspected junk area. The message is simple yet provocative in that it speaks to your credit. Most are very sensitive about that and any mention of someone else trying to get your credit brings up an immediate fear….What if that really happened and now I am exposed. The message is then opened and the links are clicked. Without much more thought you enter your email and password so you can clear up the matter. This is a horrible idea. This series of actions will likely be the cause of future hacks and unwanted access to your valuable information.


What can we do to keep you safe? There are several tips to be mindful about in this situation.

  1. If the message is in your inbox consider your activity on the web and whether or not you needed to be pulling credit information. If not this is likely a scam.
  2. If the message is in your junk mail there is a better chance that the message is spam.
  3. If the messages has logos of know places on the internet that is not an indication that it is valid. Most of the companies that send this type of information will not send it unless it is requested by you. They will likely send a series of messages that accompany the email to let you know that data was requested, changed or needed. The logos in the messages are placed to convince you that it is legit. In some cases you can place your mouse on the link or logo and it will show you the address that it wants to take you too. If the link looks fishy then don’t click on it.


If your fears and curiosity gets the best of you and you click thru and enter information only to discover that it was a fraud some immediate action is necessary.

  1. We recommend changing the passwords on your accounts that are affected and possibly on all your accounts. More on passwords on a different post.
  2. Run a full virus scan on your system
  3. Run a full Malware scan on your system – the two scans are very different and find different things.


If you are not comfortable with handling the cleanup of the computer give us a call and we can either walk you thru the actions that are required to get you clean and back on your feet or we can clean it for you. Our goal is to eliminate the complexities of technology and simplify everyday tasks for our clients, friends and families. We provide support and consulting so you can stop worrying about your technology and get back to business.


Feel free to forward this tech tip to your clients, friends and family.


Have a fantastic Tech Tuesday!